Sunday, March 7, 2010

Serious pre-departure discussions!!


  1. Hello GSE Team 7890 Japan!
    hope you had a great flight!
    love ya Tor.........thehannas

  2. Hello GSE TEAM JAPAN..we were so excited to see your first pictures and get the update. Blog on TEAM!
    But.....Nilman Rd., Buckland, Mass., USA.. wants to
    say....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORY!!! we love u! Pops, Mom,G-Ma and the bros.
    (I tried to call the hotel...didn't get very far but had a good laugh trying with a lovely young lady who was answering the phone. I shoulda paid more attention to your Japanese lessons!)

  3. Hi Michelle Lamon!

    Hello from Laura, Sharon and Andrea back at HNE. Glad to know you & the team arrived safely and the trip has begun in earnest. Enjoy it all and hope you can get some down time to explore Japan. All the best, LSA :)