Monday, March 22, 2010

March 23 - Atsugi City
We changed hotels and Rotary Clubs yesterday. This group seems as fun and friendly as the rest. They decided yesterday that our schedule had been so hectic, they would give us the afternoon to ourselves. I think we all really appreciated that. This area is full of shops and lots of entertainment. While Tory and Fernando decided to get some rest, Mike and Gabrielle and I went shopping and sightseeing. Well, shopping really. The styles here are so eclectic. It was a lot of fun exploring With Gabrielle, I'm thrilled we had some time to just hang out and window shop.

Today I will be heading to one of my vocational days. I get to spend the morning at an insurance company. I have already learned quite a bit from the many business owners I have met regarding the National plan as well as the private options. I'm looking forward to the hands on learning today.

And then tonight, we will be going to dinner at one of the Hot Springs and will get our first experience with that. I can't wait wait! Michelle

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