Monday, March 29, 2010

Morning Jogs along the Rivers

In the past few weeks, I have taken to going for a morning jog along the riverside. I have found the rivers to be so very peaceful in the morning. My favorite jogs have been in the last two towns. In Hadano, they had spent a lot of time and effort cleaning and revitalizing the riverfront, and even the river itself! The river had waterfalls made of stone, and even stones places strategically to create beautiful water patterns. On the edge, there were weaving stone paths, flowers and bushes, and most beautiful of all, a line of Cherry trees! The mornings that I ran, they were almost in full bloom! This morning I ran along the Hakone river edge. I ran over a red wooden bridge, past large waterfalls, and on a dirt path lined with flora and a small babbling brook! The Japanese towns really seem to take every opportunity to make the available and public space beautiful.


  1. Hi Gabrielle- I could really picture the beautiful landscape as you described it very eloquently!- Mom

  2. ohh- I want to go running with you!