Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hi friends! I haven;t posted in a little bit, so I thought I'd give a quick update. The strangest things seem to happen here. Here's the details of our morning. We left Hakone (unfortunately) at 5:30 am to visit the Odawara Fish Market. It was crazy hectic at that hour. After we had breakfast Tory was looking out the window and spotted this really cool "go-cart" in the lot below. We left the fish market and drove down a beautiful street lined with cherry trees almost in full bloom. We pulled over to take some pictures, and 5 minutes later this cool "go-cart" drives down the street and pulls over next to us. The man gets out starts telling us about his car and lets us takes pictures and he even let Fernando and I sit in the car. It wasn't actually a go cart, but a kit car. Sweet! We all thought our Rotary friends knew him - but NO, he just stopped. Talk about Karma. If that wasn't strange enough, a woman comes out of her house and she recognizes who we are - the family is in the Rotary. So she invites us in for green tea and some sweets. She learned we are headed out on the train to Yokosuka so she gives us snacks and then a special gift of a hand carved wooden spoon and hashi (chopstick) rest. It was completely surreal. Amazing people, amazing adventures.


  1. What an adventure and the pictures are amazing. Enjoy every moment!!!

  2. Hi All, I hope I am doing this correctly. It looks like you are having a wonderful GSE expierience. You are great team and the district is very proud of you. Fernando you look like an expert now with that harmanica. Enjoy your remaining time and we are all looking forward to your return. DG Herb

  3. Team--loving every minute of your blog and the videos. As you enter your fourth week, please take some time to inhale and relax and know that this journey is a life-changing experience!