Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday March 18

I can't begin to describe the emotion surrounding our day today. We spent this morning at Samukawa Jinjya. It is a Shinto Shrine. We were special guests of the priest. We were taken into a special sitting room where we had tea and cookies and spent some time speaking with him and learning the history of this very special shrine. Then they performed a ceremony for us in the shrine. It was such a moving ceremony it brought tears to my eyes. After this amazing experience they brought to to their gardens to walk around. This area is not open to the public, but we were allowed to go in. It was breathtaking. I used my entire memory card in my camera taking pictures. I wish i had brought the extra one!

After the shrine we toured the US Naval Base at Atsugi, and then to Akimoto Foods. They make pickles. Yup, pickles. It was really fun. Today headed to the Japan Aerospace Agency.


  1. So glad you are being shown such hospitality! Love the videos--tell Tory that no-one knows he is wearing the same clothes! Loved the Rotary plaque with gavel in the Host Family's home.

  2. The time at the Shrine sounds amazing. I am guessing that will be one of many lasting memories! And the food looks soooo good!
    We are anxious for more pics. and stories. Keep em coming Team Japan!