Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday, March 14
We have all arrived safely in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The flights were perfect. Gabrielle managed to sleep almost the entire flight! Last night we had an amazing dinner with several wonderful Rotarian's. Our day will start today with a Welcome Party and our first attempt at our speech! We will also meet the incoming Team from D2780 and the District Governor. Let the amazing adventure begin!


  1. Hello all! It is Gabrielle, and unfortunately I have not figured out how to sign onto the blog normally, so I will have to post a comment instead! Haha, I have just been clicking away with no avail! It has already been quite a morning. I woke up and decided to print out my speech in Japanese in a larger font (as we have been requested to present in Japanese, exciting!). Well, I have found out that it is harder to explain this request in Japanese than I thought, and two minutes after I called the front desk, I found someone outside holding out a full size printer for me to use! Well, several laughs later, I actually managed to get it to work (after lots of Japanese windows popped up and I clicked away hopefully, I successfully printed). All the while, every now and then this computer sounds somewhat like a plane about to take off, when it got really lound I actually hid in the entryway incase something happened!

    After all that, with a bow and a domo arigatO I returned the printer ⅠHITABUTTONTHATTURNSOFFTHEREGULARENGLIGHLETTERSANDSHOWSONLYJAPANESEANDENGLISHcapitalshgルアイウイhtルイアエ SOITGETSABITDIFFICULTTOTYPE. I think that I have figured out how to turn it off, we will see. One great thing this morning I went running through the streets of FUGISAWA. The streets are so quiet and clean. I passed through a neighorhood of small wooded houses connected to the street by a small dirt beaten path. With only cats as copany, it was a great first morning of the trip! I still cannot believe that I am in Japan!

  2. Fabulous Gabrielle- it sounds like a fantastic beginning! I tried to phone you before you left. I look forward to your wonderful descriptions!
    Love, momoxoxooxoxo

  3. Gabrielle--you have found the best way to meet people by running in a new neighborhood. Just hope you can always find your way back to the hotel! Hi to all of the team and don't forget to thank The Rotary Foundation (TRF) in your presentations. Hugs--Alma

  4. Did you guys feel the earthquakes?

  5. Hi Gabrielle,
    I'm sooo excited for you! Your are in Japan already! Enjoy every second of this amazing experience. I look forward to your stories. Say hi to Fernando!

  6. Happy Birthday Tory!! Hope you're having a great time!!