Saturday, March 20, 2010


Up bright and early, Michelle, Micheal and I tromped off to the Denny's right around the corner (yes, that would be American Denny's). It was a very interesting experience, the egg sandwich had goobs of ketchup on it! And the sausage was not sausage to my surprise, it was a hot dog! So this is what the Japanese think of the American breakfast... well they are definitely missing out on the delicious sausage and egg and cheese! The kiwi drink was awesome I must say, must take that one home with me!

Later that morning, Mike got some help with his Japanese speech that he was to give at the intercity Rotary Meeting. This language is very difficult!

For the remainder of the morning, we walked through a park with Suzuki-san and Scott-san, and visited a gallery. The gallery had a special exhibit - Japanese wood-cut prints from the 1790s - 1900s. The colors and prints on the kimonos were amazing, the time and effort behind each print was evident.

The intercity Rotary meeting was an experience to Remember. There were about 200 people in the room, all together for the fellowship of man. Micheal gave his speech in great style - people were nodding their heads, understanding the words! Tory and Fernando did a gig on stage, a classic Jimi Hendrix with feet tapping and all. There were Flamenco dancers entertaining while we eat the most delicious meal - so many choices of fish, rice, fruit and sauce!

After the meal our group had our first true Karaoke experience! We sang the night away in a special Karaoke hotel - a black-light room with a TV, seats, table, tambourines, maracas and microphones! The hosts for the evening joined in full swing. For that night, we were all very musically talented!



  1. ahhh karaoke..... Tory san's favorite. ;)

  2. Great update, thanks! Sunday evening here in the states....we're all awaiting the health care vote any moment now. Maybe by Monday morning America will have an equitable health care system like that of Japan.